Drain the Family Court Swamp


Donald Trump shouted from the mountains it was time to “Drain the Swamp.” Let us all hope he starts with the swamp called Family Courts who have systematically awarded sole custody of abused children to the abuser, thus condemning them to lives of confusion, unhappiness, manipulation, abuse, drug abuse, mental therapy, broken relationships, and the deprivation of their constitutional rights of free choice.
Let’s hope that somehow the courts will receive a mandate to become educated about narcissism and parental alienation. Let’s hope they will learn to take the time to understand the problem. Let’s hope they find a way to intervene when a child is young enough to be saved. Let’s hope they can learn to intervene before a child is so manipulated he or she is unable to actually make a free choice. Let’s hope they learn to promote dual custody and recognize the numerous cases where a parent demanding sole custody is a red flag worthy of further investigation. Let’s hope they get trained to recognize and understand the subtlety of this scourge.
A pipe dream? Perhaps. But, if there is truly a populist movement underway than let’s target Family Court.

Mr. Trump, drain the swamp of negligent judges who do not have the time or interest to learn about narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Author: Len Myers

I am a writer and the husband of a victim of Parental Alienation/Pathological Parenting. I have developed a commitment to inform the public about this social epidemic.

4 thoughts on “Drain the Family Court Swamp”

  1. Only caution I would have for you Len is where you have stated some red flags. As an educated targeted mom, alienated from my 4 kids by their father & then legally by family judicial system, I should not raise a red flag when I am now asking for sole custody. Asking for sole custody is the ONLY option when dealing with a parent with a “Dark Triad PD”…Joint Custody should not be forced on a victim of severe abuse & a targeted partnerr or parent with a controling ex…It is a PERFECT SETUP FOR AN ABUSER TO CONTINUE THEIR ABUSE. A TRUE VICTIM of a Narcissist, Psychopath, or Sociopathic CoParent will NEVER NEED A RULING OR TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR SHARING OR INCLUSION OR TO ACT WITH KINDNESS OR CONSIDERATION…So to legally bind/restrict their abilities to parent, impair their use of sound judgement, & preventing the option of taking protective actions through a legally binding order that requires their willful abandonment of their children to the very purpetrator of longtime & continued horrific abusee of them….WELL IT IS ALMOST MORE ABUSIVE THAN ALIENATION…just saying its some food for thought on JOINT CUSTODY…I STRONGLY BELIEVE there SHOULD NOT be a general “right” or “politically correct” guidline for custody that all decisions must consider & try before allowing any consideration to alternative choices, making is appear as if anything outside an acceptably constructed box is “abnormal” or “throws a red flag” …I WOULD SWEAR ON MY OWN LIFE THAT HEALTHY GOOD INTENTIONED COMPASSIONATE HONEST PEOPLE DO NOT NEED TO HAVE THE BASIC & COMMON KNOWLEDGE THINGS SPELLED OUT FOR THEM….If you need a contracted legal agreement on how to share anything then maybe you shouldn’t be considered as deserving to participate or be included or be shared with.


      1. Thank you for the thank yous and confirmations, i was hesitant to post anything as i was unsure it would be received as favorably & non critical as i intended & felt…glad to know i conveyed my thoughts in a way that it was received and reacted to correlative with my feelings felt and reasoning behind my thoughts that i was experiencing when I wrote it..I also am appreciative of you taking the time to respond as it is very helpful &beneficial to me to receive the feedback…😊

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  2. My son has been separated from his 2 year old daughter for a year and a half by the Thompkins County Family Court system.

    The Judge violated his civil rights and due process and it took 8 months to appeal. Decision was reversed and stayed yet support was established. He lost his job (wife’s father fired him) and denied him unemployment. My son was distraught over the loss of his daughter and having to spend so much time pursuing the custody of his daughter that he was unable to find a high-level job like he had before. He ended up with no money, no income and no liquid assets. He was assessed almost 3000 a month in support. When asked by the Support Magistrate why he wasn’t paying and he stated all the reasons including that there was fraud involved and he had a statement from his wife stating that she was going to kidnap the baby and play the victim and he never see them again. All to cover up hermental illness and abuse /neglect to my son and his daughter. Custody was stayed and support never should have been established. The Magistrate sent NONE of that testimony to the Family Court Judge.!!!??? Yet he recommended incarceration.

    His wife was court diagnosed with HPD and adjustment disorder. She has had this her whole life and her parents hid it from our family and my son before he married her.

    Not only does the Judge not understand mental illness he has rigged the system to destroy my son. The wife’s father is a wealthy man well connected in the County where the case is being heard.

    There is a huge paper trail of ethic violations and wrongdoings.

    Any help would be appreciated to help drain this deep swamp in Thompson’s County NY


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