Unbreakable Bonds

girl-in-the-rainHumans have survived through the millennia largely because of the virtually unbreakable bond that naturally exists between mothers and their children. Research has revealed that, given the choice, even the most abused and neglected children are desperate to remain with their mothers.

But, what happens when this bond is interrupted, manipulated and intentionally broken by a vengeful, narcissistic father consumed with revenge and intent on destroying his ex-spouse? What happens when a child caught in a toxic divorce is used as a weapon to destroy her own mother?

“Tears In The Rain” is a story of revenge and redemption. It is a story of a mother’s heartbreak and of a teenage girl’s struggle to survive the debilitating stress of the manipulation that leads her to despise her own mother but, driven by guilt and depression ultimately seeks relief through suicide.

It is a story of a broken mother’s desperate attempt to survive and save her child while a sympathetic forensic psychologist, two police detectives, and a shadowy group called “Echo” work along the edges of the law to protect the child from both herself and the repeated abuse of her predatory father.

“Tears In The Rain” is a novel based on factual events. It is one tragic story among thousands that every year fly under the radar and are neglected by the very institutions mandated to protect vulnerable children.

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Author: Len Myers

I am a writer and the husband of a victim of Parental Alienation/Pathological Parenting. I have developed a commitment to inform the public about this social epidemic.

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