Mother’s Love, Children’s Hate

womanphoneMy wife is a high school teacher and students often tell her they wish she was their mother. Yet, she has two daughters who will have absolutely nothing to do with her.

How does that make sense?  It doesn’t unless you understand she, like the children, is a victim of a vindictive narcissist who relieves his anxiety and self-hate by manipulating them to share his hate.  She has not seen, talked with, or received  any communication from either for over three years.  Yet, she leaves a message or text every day.  She still cries at night although the last time she spoke with either she was told what a terrible person she is.

It’s very difficult to not blame yourself when you are a victim.  But, she, like all victims, need to keep trying.

Author: Len Myers

I am a writer and the husband of a victim of Parental Alienation/Pathological Parenting. I have developed a commitment to inform the public about this social epidemic.

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Love, Children’s Hate”

  1. It’s been almost 10 years since I have been estranged from my children’s love and life. Like your wife, I work with children, some pupils, some in need. They just adore me. Unlike my children who sincerely think I am a real danger for them. It’s my sad story too. Thank you to put words on my dispair.


    1. Why can’t courts, social workers, etc recognize there is something wrong with that. At least, it is a red flag that authorities should investigate looking for emotional child abuse, i.e. manipulation, denial of child’s rights to make their own decisions.


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