Thoughts from a PhD Candidate in Psychology

I do understand that these posts may seem self-serving attempts to promote “Tears In The Rain.”  But I hope anyone who reads them understands my goal  is to increase people’s awareness that Parental Alienation not only exists but is a terrible epidemic spreading throughout the country. Too often the offense is committed by true narcissists who are extremely dangerous people but little understood and, until recently, not very well recognized and difficult to identify. I am including  a recent review of the book written by a doctoral student in psychology specializing in family relationships. It supports the argument the book could be very helpful to people dealing with victims of narcissism and dysfunctional family relationships,  including Parental Alienation.

“I was hooked after the very first chapter! I could hardly put it down, the few times I did, I couldn’t wait to pick it back up. As a doctoral candidate in psychology I believe that “Tears in The Rain” should be required reading not just for fellow students but anyone who works in the Family Court System, Law Enforcement, or with Victims of Abuse (of any kind). This book brings out our compassion and a primal sense of protection of our fellow man. It also brings to light just how manipulative the human race can be toward one another especially those who are Narcissistic. Narcissism is not new but has not been recognized until recently. The word is thrown around too often to describe those of self character but True Narcissism goes way beyond someone just being hateful to another. This book contains strong language that may be offensive to some but I believe the language is suitable considering the subject matter. I suggest getting your hands on a copy, reading it, and sharing it with your friends and family. The only way to help those that work with Abuse Victims is to stand together and stop abuse before it starts.

Author: Len Myers

I am a writer and the husband of a victim of Parental Alienation/Pathological Parenting. I have developed a commitment to inform the public about this social epidemic.

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