“Just Ask My Children”

I am re-posting a Facebook post of January 22 regarding the film “Just Ask My Children.” I have withheld the name and thread only out of respect for the author’s privacy. The film should be encouraging to anyone experiencing Parental Alienation or who doubts that children can be turned against parents. It is easier than most people think.

“If you have time, a good movie to watch is called, “Just ask my Children” It is a true story. It teaches us how easy it is to turn innocent children against loving caring parents. In the movie they show the strategies the alienator used to get CPS involved. They show how the police actually stormed in to the home and removed the children. The parents went to prison even after the child confessed they were wrong in what they had said. It does give you hope because there comes a point in the child’s life when he goes, “wait a minute I don’t think any of that happened I think we where just saying what people wanted us to say.” The child realizes this after he was in the military. It has been a long time since I have seen the movie (7yrs) but I remember after watching it I felt validated about what was happening to my kids and myself. I watched it before I had ever heard of the words Parental Alienation. Btw this actually happened in Bakersfield Ca where I live!! My lawyer at time actually told me that there is no way a child would turn against their mother and he had knowledge of this case for sure. What a nightmare!! Oh the movie is on Netflix.”

Note: Also available through Amazon.

Author: Len Myers

I am a writer and the husband of a victim of Parental Alienation/Pathological Parenting. I have developed a commitment to inform the public about this social epidemic.

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